Welcome to Kuopio

Dear NSDS friends,

after a long wait we will be able to meet in person again! We are delighted and excited to invite you to the next NSDS meeting in Kuopio in Finland!

Today, the quest for both correct information and best knowledge is perhaps more important than ever before. Since the foundation of our society in 1975, NSDS annual meeting has tried to give answers – but probably more importantly, raise new questions, as well.

In the past decades, tireless scientific work and technical innovations have given us several answers and facilitated better results in spinal deformity care. However, the field continues to evolve and there are still many questions left to discuss. And is there a better platform for discussions than NSDS annual meeting?

We in Kuopio have created an intriguing scientific program - to give answers and to raise new questions. Among the top speakers, lectures and interesting debates, your abstracts will ultimately shape up the meeting - thank you very much for all your submissions!

Please, browse our webpage, get inspired, register early and book your trip to Kuopio – where the NSDS meets and greets again!

Jarkko Halme
Spine Surgeon
Head of Organizing Committee


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